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Working with Calibro

" Milena has a sharp and intuitive sense of people and organisational dynamics. She gets behind what people are trying to portray quickly to get to who they really are. Similarly, she understands how organisations really work, not how they say they work"

"Milena brings intellect, experience and empathy to bear in discussions, inspiring trust and confidence. She is straight, direct and courageous - important issues are surfaced and dealt with"

"A key benefit of working with Milena is her clear, logical thought process combined with concise and powerful articulation"

Milena Djurdjevic - Founder

milena djurdjevic

Calibro advises Chairmen, Senior Independent Directors and Nomination Committees on Board succession planning and composition.

The Nomination Committee makes critical decisions which significantly impact company performance. Yet it remains the only key Board Committee unsupported by an independent professional advisor. Calibro has been established to ensure that the Nomination Committee, the Chairman and the Senior Independent Director have access to an objective source of advice which is totally free of conflict or bias.

Calibro supports each Board succession project from strategy to execution, providing the necessary challenge, analysis and thoughtful review to ensure the best possible outcome.

Calibro was founded and is led by Milena who was a founding partner of The Zygos Partnership. She played a pivotal role in the development of the firm and its emergence as one of the primary providers of search and board advisory services.

Milena has spent most of her career advising Chairmen and CEOs, assessing and calibrating the quality of talent at Board and Executive Committee level. She has an outstanding reputation as a senior adviser, valued for the unerring accuracy of her judgment, her understanding of critical business imperatives for clients, and for her willingness to challenge assumptions as well as to provide support.

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